Nautec Oxygen Grease - Gleitmo 599 - 60g

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Nautec always strives to use the best materials for the production of all products. Only in this way was it possible, for example, to bring oxygen and nitrox valves for a working pressure of 300 bar onto the market for use underwater. The newly developed special lubricant gleitmo 599 from FUCHS LUBRITECH GMBH plays a major role in this success.

gleitmo 599 is a grey-white, odourless paste on a fully synthetic basis, which is used as a high-performance lubricating paste for oxygen fittings including in the hospital sector.

The lubricant is absolutely oxygen resistant even at high pressure (450 bar at 60° C). It is approved by the Federal Institute for Materials Testing (BAM) Berlin as a lubricant for oxygen systems. The thermal resistance reaches up to 260° C, only above this temperature thermal decomposition starts.

With regard to the proportions of volatile substances, the Gelsenkirchen Institute of Hygiene investigated that gleitmo 599 evaporates only to an extremely small extent at a temperature of 50° C and 100° C. The evaporation losses amount to 0.09% at both temperatures and are documented by gas chromatographic and mass spectrometric analyses.

Lubricant for gaseous oxygen in fittings. Max. Operating pressure at 60° C, 450 bar.

BAM tested and approved.


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