About RAID

RAID is the world’s fastest growing diver training agency with both full service and satellite regional offices, dive stores and instructors waiting to provide diver services to you across the globe. RAID is also the first diver training agency to offer a complete range of online diver academic programs from beginner to instructor examiner levels in snorkelling, SCUBA, CCR and freediving.

RAID has taken a new, and we believe, a far better approach, to diver training. It starts by ensuring we train great instructors and in so doing, we are literally rewriting diver training standards creating new benchmarks of excellence.

We feel this is essential to ensure divers in training are only exposed to highly skilled, truly experienced and extremely dedicated dive professionals.
At RAID we feel there are no short cuts to training.


  • Online training system
  • Enables students to affiliate to a chosen dive centre and access all course materials and receive e-cards instantly through them.
  • Enables instructors to monitor a student’s progress through the theory and exams – give them a nudge if required and provide help and feedback throughout the process – you can also see when a student is ready to progress to practical sessions
  • Internationally recognised qualification
  • Course materials are written by the world’s best instructors in each discipline who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to allow them to write courses that are more comprehensive and that incorporate safer configurations e.g. the long hose. Non-essential skills are removed e.g. CESA and are replaced by more important life-saving skills e.g. a more effective/safer out of air. All of this leads to more confident and better equipped divers from beginner through to technical. Recreational skills are also more in line with technical skills enabling easier transition into technical diving.
  • Choice of configuration from the beginning – single cylinder backmount, twinset, sidemount or rebreather
  • RAID recognise that good instructors make good divers so are focused on bringing the best instructor trainers on board who can help instructors develop and hone their skills so they can create safer, more confident divers
  • Easy and instant access to course materials at your leisure
  • RAID also offer updated online materials for free.
  • Support to carry out good quality training
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